class registration

Fall-1 Session: August 29 - October 22 | 8 Weeks
Registration opens Wednesday, August 17

For all new Club registrants a $160 family membership fee is assessed at registration and renewed annually. See more details below.
Tuition will be prorated: The weeks of the session that have already passed at the time of registration will be excluded at checkout.
Masks are optional.
Waiting inside the building before, during, or after your student's class is prohibited at this time.
Participation is restricted to 1 parent per child for all Parent and Tot classes.

Parent and tot

Parent and Tot Preschool Classes
15 months to 3 years old

PARENT-TODDLER CLASS -- An ACTIVE START for children 15 months to 3 years old who are steady on their feet.
Parents are required to participate in class with a 10:1 child to instructor ratio.  Creative gymnastics circuits are set up each week to develop gross motor skills, body awareness, balance, coordination, trust, and listening skills. Participation is restricted to 1 parent per child for all Parent and Tot classes.

PARENT-INFANT CLASS --Currently unavailable--An ACTIVE START for crawlers and early walkers 6 months to 15 months of age.
Parent participation is required. There is a 10:1 child to instructor ratio. Parents work one on one with their child throughout the entire lesson. This class is a healthy, positive, and safe activity for you and your child as gross motor skills are starting to develop. Participation is restricted to 1 parent per child for all Parent and Infant classes.


Independent Co-ed Child Preschool Classes 
3 years and 4 years old

PRESCHOOL 3 yrs- This class is for the 3 year old boy or girl that is ready to participate without mom or dad. The child to instructor ratio is 8:1. Fun, safe, and creative gymnastics circuits teach the ABCs of  athleticism: agility, balance, and coordination.  Children also continue to develop socially: Learning to follow instructions, take turns, and play well with others.

PRE-K 4 yrs- This class is for 4 year old boys or girls preparing for kindergarten . This is a coed, independent child class with an 8:1 child to instructor ratio. Children are able to focus longer and activities include more focused gymnastics skills including rolls, handstands, and cartwheels.  Both preschool and traditional gymnastics equipment allow skills progressions in a fun, safe, and challenging setting.

Preschool Dance and Gymnastics - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
3 1/2 to 5 years old

C.I.T.Y. Club's Preschool Dance and Gymnastics classes offer what no other dance school in the area can! Our Preschool Dance and Gymnastics classes, designed specifically for our youngest students, are a combination of a dance class and a weekly trip out to the gym for this one-of-a-kind gymnastics and dance experience!

Annual Club Membership

Gymnastics is a sport of progressions, a building of forms and elements combined with power and motion to create beautiful skills and routines.  Each component of a skill is developed by progressive learning and continual conditioning.  Young children need a commitment to their fitness that lasts more than a single class, camp, or session.  Gymnastics is the foundation of athleticism for not only our future gymnasts, but future athletes, and healthy adults.  Membership at C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics Academy encourages your commitment to fitness with your busy school, family, work, and social schedules.  Membership includes the following:

  • Uninterrupted Learning with automated Session Enrollment
  • 10% Sibling and Multi-class Discount
  • Club Uniform (leotard for girls and T-shirt for boys)
  • Club Event Access and Discounts
  • Community Outreach
    Insurance and Equipment Maintenance
  • Registration & Enrollment

    ***Schedules are subject to change if minimum enrollment is not met for a class ***
    Once enrolled in C.I.T.Y. Club, auto enrollment occurs 2 weeks prior to the upcoming session.  We call this uninterrupted learning. No worrying about re-enrollment or losing a spot in a class.  We try to keep the day of the week and the time of day consistent.  If your schedule is changing, or you want a different instructor, notify our Membership Specialists to make the  changes. Billing occurs 10 business days prior to the start of a session. To withdraw from the following session notify us by E-MAIL ONLY at before the billing date.