Summer camps

Summer just got better!
Gymnastics and Scholastics

June 19 - August 25

Participate in our summer camps designed to strengthen the body and sharpen the mind. We integrate learning into our gymnastics based curriculum.  

Fitness + Facts + Fun = one great summer experience!

Camp is by the week with full day or half day (AM or PM) options. Each week is a different theme.

Join the fun at C.I.T.Y. Club from 9 am to 12:30 pm to 4 pm. Structured gymnastics instruction, brain games, open gym time, and much more are guaranteed to entertain the kids! 
Bring friends and double the fun!  
For ages 5 to 12 years old.

To register for a full day enroll in both the AM and the PM camps.  Appropriate discounts will be taken after registration and before processing of the credit card information. Camps run from 9 am to 4 pm with half day options from 9 am to 12:30 pm or 12:30 pm to 4  pm.

Pricing & Discounts for Summer Camp

Consider Membership & Save this Summer

Gymnastics is a sport of progressions, a building of forms and elements combined with power and motion to create beautiful skills and routines.  Each component of a skill is developed by progressive learning and continual conditioning.  Young children need a commitment to their fitness that lasts more than a single class, camp, or session.  Gymnastics is the foundation of athleticism for not only our future gymnasts, but future athletes, and healthy adults.  Membership at C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics Academy encourages your commitment to fitness in spite of busy school, family, work, and social schedules.  
Membership ($150) is annual and includes the following:

  • Preferred Session Enrollment
  • 10% Sibling and Multi-class Discount
    Camp Discounts
  • Club Uniform (leotard for girls and T-shirt/short combo for boys)
  • Club Event Access and Discounts
  • Community Outreach

Learn About our Weekly Themes

  • WEEK 1
    June 19-23
    Nature and Environment Week
  • WEEK 2
    June 26-30
    Sports Week
  • WEEK 3
    July 3, 5-7 (no camp July 4th)
    Patriotic Week
  • WEEK 4
    July 10-14
    Space Week
  • WEEK 5
    July 17-21
    Science Week
  • WEEK 6
    July 24-28
    Circus Week
  • WEEK 7
    July 31- Aug 4
    Water Week
  • WEEK 8
    Aug 7-11
    Challenge Week
  • WEEK 9
    Aug 14-18
    Olympic Week
  • WEEK 10
    Aug 21-25
    Back to School/Language Week

Nature and Environment

Campers will engage their brains and bodies through a variety of activities that
encompass the theme of nature and environment awareness! Some of the activities
include: planting flowers, creating a recycling program for the gym, and “brain game”
mini-­lessons on the theme of nature and environment. Additionally, your child will
engage in gross motor activities and gymnastics instruction incorporating our theme
during two hours of structured ability­ based instruction. The afternoon session has up
to an hour of open gym time to perfect skills, work towards goals and have fun in the
gym­, our favorite environment!


The physical development you gain through gymnastics can help you in every sport and
this week of camp will help to prove just that! Incorporating various sports into our
games and ability based gymnastics instruction, campers will develop a well rounded
appreciation of athletics and mix­up their training. Theme based arts and crafts,
coordination based games and team bonding activities combine to make this week one
you don’t want to miss, sitting by on the sidelines!


We’re ramping up for Independence Day with our Patriotic week! Activities this week will
focus on developing critical thinking skills to solve problems and perfect their
gymnastics! In addition to our famous “brain games”, mini-­lessons and well loved team
building challenges, campers will have two hours of ability ­based gymnastics instruction
each day as well as arts and crafts that fit our theme. This week is sure to have you
cheering red, white and WOO HOO!


The sky is not the limit during space week at C.I.T.Y. Club Summer Camp! Setting
goals, breaking boundaries and pushing past the possible is the lesson of the week and
will be used to guide over ten hours of gymnastics training. Mini­-lessons and “brain
games” will train campers to think outside of themselves, arts and crafts will create
spectacular masterpieces, and personal bests will be shattered. Space week is
guaranteed to be out of this world!


Week five of summer camp will keep campers quick and excited with Science week!
Focusing on general science concepts, we will explore how physics help you flip, how
muscles and bones keep you strong, the importance of nutrition with your training, and
  maybe a few blasts of chemistry­ based arts and crafts to keep your critical thinking at its best. 
Our mini-lessons paired with over two hours of daily ability based gymnastics
training are sure to give campers all of the tools needed to improve and reach their goals!


Come one, come all­ it’s time to perfect your performance skills at Circus week! From
tight ropes to jumping hoops, “taming animals” in team games to clowning around, this
week is sure to get you out of your comfort zone and ready for the stage! Our
ability­ based gymnastics instruction will focus on perfecting your skills and getting used
to the performance aspect of the sport while creating mini­-routines to perform at our end
of the week “Under the Big Top Show”! Face painting, popcorn making and zany arts
and crafts complete the week and will have your camper receiving many rounds of applause!


The most important element of life is our muse during Water week! We’ll explore how
water influences the environment and our bodies, helps us to recover and grow, and
even end the week learning how fun it can be with a wet and wild trip to the park!
Campers will begin to incorporate the flow, grace and fluidity of water into their
gymnastics during our ten hours of structured ability based gymnastics training. Our
exciting arts and crafts and challenging “brain games” are sure to make this week a splash!


Think “American Ninja Warrior” meets “Wipeout” for this crazy and fun week of camp at C.I.T.Y. Club!
Accomplishing the unthinkable is this week’s goal as we test all of the courage, physical development
and problem solving skills each student has learned from the previous weeks of camp.
Climb the foam mountain, race to the roof, and bounce to the finish line –
this high flying exciting week will have everyone leaving challenged and feeling like a winner!


The apex of our sport is here and it is time to celebrate! Campers will learn about
Olympic heroes from all sports and decades, learning what it takes to make it to the top
and mirroring that passion and perseverance in their two hours of structured gymnastics
training each day. Activities will include watching famous olympic footage, creating fun
arts and crafts to help commemorate the 2016 Rio games, and explore abilities in fun
and challenging new sports they may not yet be familiar with. Let the games begin!

Back to School/Language

No bummer summer wraps up with our Back to School/Language week! Each day will
feature fun activities and learning games concentrating around a different language!
Challenging minds and focusing on details is our focus to get the campers back in the
swing of the year and accomplishing all of the goals they have set in the gym. With
three hours of gym time each day, we’ll learn the new skills, perfect the old ones, say
ADIOS to the summer and BONJOUR to a new year of goals and success!