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Fall-2 Session: October 28th - December 22nd
(for all new Club registrants a $155 family membership fee is assessed at registration and renewed annually)


Girls & Boys together

This class offers what no other dance school in the area can! Classes are a combination of a dance instructions and a weekly trip out to the training gym for this one-of-a-kind gymnastics and dance experience! Classes follow detailed lesson plans created by our experienced staff, teaching basic dance techniques, improved strength and flexibility, and one gymnastics event each week!
BEGINNER DANCE: boys and girls ages 5-8 years old
INTERMEDIATE DANCE: boys and girls ages 8-12 years old

Girls & Boys together 7 years old and up

CO-ED TUMBLING: This class is an exciting option for those looking to learn and perfect their floor skills! Excellent for those in other sports, like dance and cheer, this class will use our Spring Floors, Rod Floors, Tumbl-Trak and Trampoline!


5 years old and up

JUNIOR BEGINNER: This is an introductory level class for our ability-based programming for girls 5-6 years old. The objective is to have fun while increasing fitness by learning gymnastics skills which are the foundation for athleticism in all sports.  We help each child learn to set goals and gain confidence by learning progressively more challenging gymnastics skills on all of the traditional gymnastics equipment.
This is the introductory level of our ability-based program for those taking gymnastics instruction for the first time! Students will learn elements all all of the major events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor), as well as Trampoline and Strength.
ADVANCED BEGINNER GIRLS- Invite Only: for girls that have mastered all of the required skills in the Beginner class. Advanced Beginner athletes will build upon their basics and begin to increase difficulty on all of the major events.
INTERMEDIATE GIRLS- Invite Only: Once you've mastered our first two levels, you're ready for this 85 minute long challenge! Athletes will begin to combine elements into more challenging sequences, transfer to the high bar, and begin to work flight elements on the floor.
ADVANCED GIRLS- Invite Only: You've made it to the top! This is the highest level in our ability based programming for the athletes that have mastered all of the basic gymnastics elements. Advanced Girls will progress to the most difficult recreational elements, and even have the chance to be evaluated for our XCEL Competitive Team!


 5 years old and up

JUNIOR BEGINNER- Introductory level gymnastics for boys 5 to 6 years old. Boys learn basic skills and positions while building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving coordination. This class utilizes all of the major men's apparatus, including: floor, parallel bars, high bar, rings, pommel horse and vault. Students also use Trampoline, Tumbl-Trak and strength rotations to make every class fun and challenging!  This is the perfect sport for increasing athleticism and general fitness in a safe environment!
Introductory gymnastics for boys 7 and up. Boys learn basic skills and positions while building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving coordination. This class utilizes the floor, bars, low beam, rope, trampoline, pit, and tumble track to make every class fun and challenging.  This is the perfect sport for increasing athleticism and general fitness in a safe environment.
INTERMEDIATE- invite only
ADVANCED-invite only

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Annual Club Membership

Gymnastics is a sport of progressions, a building of forms and elements combined with power and motion to create beautiful skills and routines.  Each component of a skill is developed by progressive learning and continual conditioning.  Young children need a commitment to fitness that lasts more than a single class, camp, or session.  Gymnastics is the foundation of athleticism for not only future gymnasts, but future athletes, and healthy adults.  Membership at C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics Academy encourages commitment to fitness with busy school, family, work, and social schedules.  Membership includes the following:

  • Uninterrupted Learning with automated Session Enrollment
  • 10% Sibling and Multi-class Discount
  • Club Uniform (leotard for girls and T-shirt for boys)
  • Club Event Access and Discounts
  • Community Outreach
    Insurance and Equipment Maintenance

    Registration & Enrollment

    Once enrolled in C.I.T.Y. Club, auto enrollment occurs 2 weeks prior to the upcoming session.  We call this uninterrupted learning. No worrying about re-enrollment or losing a spot in a class.  If your child is advancing to a higher level of training, notification occurs 2 weeks prior to the start of the next session.  We try to keep the day of the week and the time of day consistent.  If your schedule is changing, or you want a different instructor, notify our Membership Specialists to make the  changes.  Billing occurs 10 business days prior to the start of a session.  To withdraw from the following session us by EMAIL ONLY at before the billing date.