TOPs and Hopes

TOPs and hopes

Team Yurchenko at C.I.T.Y. Club gymnastics Academy provides TOPs and Hopes training to highly developed competitive Team athletes.  

The high level coaching staff at C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics Academy prepares gymnasts for participation in these USAG Programs.


As Defined by USA Gymnastics:

“TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program)”, is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaches. 

During the months of June and July gymnasts age 7-10 are evaluated on physical abilities at the state or regional level. 

These dates are set by your State TOP manager in conjunction with the National TOP Manager.

Athletes are invited to participate in the National TOPs test conducted in October where they are evaluated on the same abilities tests and basic gymnastics skills. 

Athletes are then invited to participate in the National TOP Training camp which takes place in December of each year.

USA Gymnastics’ Goals of TOPs:

TOPs has three main goals listed in USAG’s general info:

1) Identify talented young gymnasts 

2) Identify deficiencies in fitness and skill in order to remedy

3) Enhance the information flow and educational opportunities to talented athletes, their parents and their coaches to help improve the athlete’s training.

Who is Eligible?

The only requirement for State TOPs testing is that the athlete be between the ages of 7 & 10. 

Gymnast’s “age” is determined by how old she will be as of December 31st of the testing year.

 There are no other prerequisites established by USAG, however due to safety reasons, gyms may require a certain skill set or ability to attend a test.

Team Yurchenko requires gymnasts to pass pre-defined strength, flexibility and skill standards prior to being allowed to participate in State TOPS Testing.


What is Hopes?

HOPES can be viewed as a path to Elite, but is not a guarantee.

HOPES provides gymnasts an opportunity to compete the Elite compulsory and a modified FIG Optional routine.

This is an opportunity to qualify to the Challenge Meets  (Hopes division only).

Hopes and TOP program athletes are NOT classified as "Elite" athletes.

After qualifying to become a HOPES gymnast, they are eligible to compete in the HOPES Challenge and Classic Competitions.

Who is Eligible?

 HOPES qualification is not dependent upon TOPs participation.

 HOPES gymnasts are 10-13 years old.  “Age” is determined by how old she will be as of Dec. 31st of the testing year.

There are two age groups for the HOPES Program: 10-11 years old, and 12-13 years old.

How does a Gymnast Qualify?

Hopes athletes compete both Optional and Compulsory routines.

The exact qualifications for HOPES and Elite are always changing.

Competitions are at Elite qualifiers in the HOPES DIVISION

How does Scoring Work?

The compulsory Elite program required by HOPES uses the 10 point system

The optional gymnastics meet scoring system used by Elites and HOPES is the FIG open ended system

Elites, HOPES use international scoring, which has two scores added together

 Execution score up to 10.0  +    Difficulty score =  An international score (thus this score is >10)

There are differences between USAG and International scoring