what we love to do

Teach athleticism. Teach confidence.

our Preschool programs

boys & girls classes for crawlers to 6 years old

parent assisted classes

Born to move!  
For children 1 year old through almost 3 --this is where little ones get an active start comfortably with you at their side. We provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to discover and explore while developing their movement potential.

early independence classes

Learn your ABCs!
For children 3 and 4 years old ready to participate without you. Continue developing the ABCs of movement (agility, balance, coordination, & speed). These essential fundamental skills provide the physical literacy required for a life of fitness or sports.

Our developmental-rec programs

boys & girls classes 7 years to early teens

girls' developmental-rec gymnastics

Time to fly!
From 1st grade on up, girls are physically challenged and make new friends while exploring different apparatus unique to women's gymnastics. Classes offered at beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

boys' developmental-rec gymnastics

Get an edge!  
Boys enhance overall athleticism with physical challenges while making new friends.  Gymnastics benefits all sports! Classes offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Special focus programs


rhythmic gymnastics

"Grace without dance"
A combination of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and skillful apparatus manipulation. A graceful expression of strength, flexibility, and dexterity. Coaching and philosophy from the Vitrychenko Academy.

boys urban gymnastics

Free your style!
For boys aged 9 to 15.  A blend of tumbling and flipping with less emphasis on the technical and more emphasis on creativity. Guaranteed fun with instructor, Ryan Carr, stuntman and Director of Ninja Club!

co-ed tumbling

Learn cool flips!
Focus is on strength, flexibility and progressions into  powerful tumbling Co-eds 10 to 15 years old learn or advance their tumbling skills on our spring floor, rod floor, foam pit, trampoline and Tumbl-Trak.


Coming soon!
Complimentary to our gymnastics developmental-rec program, this scalable class increase competence in all aspects of fitness: endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, and balance.

Team Yurchenko

Dream Big!
CITY Club is home to Team Yurchenko. We have both a Junior Olympic Team and XCEL Team. Learn more about us on our TEAM PAGE and follow our gymnasts on our TEAM FACEBOOK PAGE.

don't forget, we also have...

adult gymnastics open gym

Fit like a gymnast! 
Teenagers and adults of all ages increase overall fitness by using basic elements  of gymnastics  such as the handstand, kip, and pull ups. No prior experience in gymnastics is required.

lunch bunch & parents' night out

Time for FUN!
Parents get some time out while kids enjoy some time in! Kids have FUN and burn off energy in a safe, social, and active environment. Parents get work done or have fun WITHOUT the kids--at least for a few hours! 

parties & events

Let the fun begin!  
Birthday parties, team building, or fitness field trips--our instructors are available to host fun, memorable, and educational gymnastics-based events. More details are on our Special Events page.

2017-2018  Sessions Terms
Uninterrupted learning (auto-enrollment ) occurs session to session
Why Gymnastics is Important

GREAT friends

Friends are vital to a child’s healthy development. Children make new friendships outside of their classroom at C.I.T.Y. Kids from different schools and neighborhoods come together with the common interest of gymnastics.

 give it a try! 

powerful athleticism

Gymnastics is the best way to increase the basic elements of athleticism for all sports.  Improve your performance in your primary sport by building a foundation of agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, gross motor development, and mental focus !


quiet confidence

Social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development through participation in gymnastics helps children develop the skills and confidence that promote success in life. 

 what are you 
waiting for

what they say

It is a tremendous opportunity for our daughter, Hannah, to work with Coach Natalia due to her background and expertise. Coach Natalia maintains high expectations while being patient and making sure her athletes progress safely. She's helped Hannah develop as a gymnast and increased Hannah's confidence both in and out of the gym.

Monita Milton

My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves going to C.I.T.Y. She runs in and doesn't stop smiling the entire class! And Ms. Candy is A-MAZING with the kids. She does a fabulous job of keeping the kids interested and having fun  -she even makes me want to take her class.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  Thumbs up to C.I.T.Y. and Ms. Candy!

Megan Hutchinson Dunlay

Sophia's 4th grade teacher at school says she already notices her gymnastics in the classroom.  She has the ability to focus and manage her time efficiently.


Gymnastics has been an excellent complement to hockey for my son. He's developed better flexibility and posture, which allows him to take longer strides and be faster on the ice. In addition to absolutely loving the classes, he's conditioning his body in a way that skating alone cannot.